Food Benefits Programs


How the SNAP system works during the interim market

Food access is as vital now as it has ever been. Under the restrictions created by the global pandemic, we are working to ensure that everyone in our community is able to access fresh local food, regardless of financial circumstances. 

“If you receive SNAP benefits, or are experiencing financial hardship caused by COVID-19, we are offering up to $30 of groceries from our online market. At this time we are unable to process SNAP payments online. With great support from the community, we have raised money to support this important food access initiative.

At our online store please use the code LOCALFOOD at check out to receive this $30 coupon. 

We are operating with an honor system, and have the capacity to offer 30 coupons at this time. If you have the means and would like to support this cause, you can make a donation here.

Benefits Programs

Make your money grow when you use your food benefits at the Beacon Farmers’ Market! Customers can use their SNAP benefits to shop for any SNAP-eligible item at ALL vendors at the farmers’ market – and receive an extra bonus, as well!

Don’t use SNAP? If you are using WIC or FMNP checks, the farmers’ market offers an extra bonus to you too – read more about the Greens4Greens program below.

How the SNAP token system works: stop by the market manager’s tent during market hours, and swipe your SNAP card for whatever amount you choose. The market manager will provide you with $1 tokens in your chosen amount, and you can spend the tokens on groceries at any vendor. Vendors with eligible products will have SNAP signs hanging at their tents.

EXTRA, EXTRA! Whenever you use your SNAP benefits at the farmers’ market, you get an extra bonus! For every $5 you spend through SNAP, you will receive a $2 Fresh Connect check to add to the money you can spend at the market. Any vendor that accepts SNAP will also accept these checks.


Greens4Greens was started by Green Teen, and was expanded in 2016 to the Beacon Farmers’ Market. The program is funded through community fundraisers, including our annual Soup4Greens event and the Greens4Greens Summer Potluck. In 2019, Greens4Greens was expanded to include the Newburgh Farmers’ Market as well. Greens4Greens also benefits local farmers, enabling them to increase their sales to a more diverse community.

How Greens4Greens works:

When you spend $4.00 using your eligible WIC or FMNP benefits you will receive a $4.00 coupon that can be used to purchase any fresh fruits and vegetables at the market or the Common Greens Mobile Market.

SNAP purchases made at the Common Greens Mobile Market are also eligible for this double up program.

Email for more info!

Now distributed and accepted at the following Beacon locations:


Wednesdays, July – September

Community Health Center (6 Henry St), 11am-12:30pm

Forrestal Heights Senior Friendship Center (Parking Lot 2), 1-2pm


Sundays, May – November, 10am-3pm, Veterans Place between Main & Henry St, next to the Post Office


Sundays, December – April, 10am – 2pm, VFW Hall | 413 Main Street


Saturdays, July – October, 10am-2pm, Safe Harbors Green | 95-107 Broadway


This year, together with many community friends and partners, we raised $4183 through our Soup4Greens Fundraiser! This accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without an amazingly generous, good-willed community in support every step of the way. Thank you!