The mission of the Beacon Farmers’ Market is to feed and engage the Beacon community, support local farms and businesses, and create a more just food system.

To create a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive community market and gathering space that contributes to the vitality of the City of Beacon

To offer enrichment programming related to fresh, healthy eating, farming, cooking, gardening, sustainable living and other related topics as well as showcasing Beacon art and music communities.

To provide outreach opportunities for Beacon non-profit organizations and projects which complement the mission of the farmers’ market

Local Farms and Businesses

To connect customers with local food and agricultural businesses in the mid-Hudson Valley region

To support farmers and working farmland in the Hudson Valley and surrounding agricultural communities

To encourage sustainable agricultural and business practices

Food Justice

To provide direct access to affordable, locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables to people of all incomes and socio-economic backgrounds.

To enable local farmers and business owners to earn their livelihood and receive fair compensation for their efforts

To work in partnership with the local network of food justice organizations to support and develop efforts to address hunger in our community