This Sunday, May 31st we will be opening our outdoor market!

Please be mindful that our number one priority is human health.

Our mission is to make local and responsibly harvested food available to you while
helping the local food economy and supply survive.

It is important to remember that New York is still on pause, and undergoing a slow, phased reopening.

This is not the usual social gathering space as we know it. For this reason, we have guidelines listed below.

We are still offering pre-orders through our website for customers who are
immune-compromised, at risk, or quarantined, as well as for any SNAP customers.

Market shopping:
To ensure the safety of our vendors, staff, and fellow customers, please sign up for a shopping time so
that we can support social distancing at the market. Don’t worry if your available times are taken.
Walk-up shoppers will be accommodated as space allows.

Sign up for a shopping time here:

Please read all market information and guidelines
before joining us on Sunday so that all vendors and patrons can shop safely,
comfortably and practice safe distancing in the process!

If you receive SNAP benefits, or are experiencing financial hardship caused by COVID-19, we are offering up to $30 of groceries
from our online market. At this time we are unable to process SNAP payments online. With great support from the community,
we have raised money to support this important food access initiative.